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About us


Formed in 1997, Intellectual Capital Sweden AB is the world's first specialist company in Intellectual Capital ratings (IC Rating®).


The proprietary tool IC Rating® is used to measure and describe non-financial assets that are not reported or described in traditional financial statements, but that are of critical importance to the long-term success of an organization. Whether you are looking for growth, profitability or both, it is your non-financial assets that will deliver it.





Our unique platform for analysis can be used to drive many key issues within organizations: from organizational effectiveness to corporate culture. 


Based on Mr. Leif Edvinsson´s thoughts and theories on Intellectual Capital, a pragmatic and concrete platform for measuring and describing an organisation's non-financial assets has been developed - IC Rating®




Board members and managers presently use IC Rating® primarily for valuation, benchmarking, organisational development, and/or external reporting.


As of today, some 400 projects have been performed across the world, and the platform is licensed to partners on four continents.



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Our International Blog

In co-operation with some of our excellent partners, we are contributing to a blog on Intellectual Capital.

If you wish to take part of the latest thoughts in the field, it is definitely worth a visit!



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